Ruth’s Chris 3-course Seasonal Classics

Ruth’s Chris makes some of the best steaks around, but now there’s a 3-course Seasonal Classics menu that’s sure to give customers a hearty taste of the season.
Starting at $45.95 price tag is well worth a culinary experience that mixes classic summer flavours with a unique aspect that can only be found at Ruth’s Chris. First, choose from one of four starters that incite the appetite for the next course. Then, find the perfect entrée among a choice of seafood, chicken, and deliciously cooked steaks. Finally, enjoy a strawberry shortcake as a sweet treat to finish off the meal.
With all this comes a choice of sides, ranging from healthy grilled vegetables to potatoes and cheese. A great combination is the heirloom tomato and cucumber salad, which comes topped with arugula, goat cheese, red onion, and oregano vinaigrette. These combination of ingredients perk up the appetite and give hints of a seasonal full of earthy tastes. The steak house salad is also a fantastic option, since it’s loaded with healthy grape tomatoes, red onions, and two kind of lettuce.
An order of sizzling blue crab cakes is sure to satisfy any foodie, as they’re three massive morsels that are drenched in lemon butter. Follow it up with a 6 oz. fillet and cold water lobster tail for a dining experience that would satisfy royalty.
If that wasn’t enough, two sides of charred cauliflower, drizzled in truffle vinaigrette, and three cheese potato stacks make an excellent couple. There are many options to choose from on the seasonal menu, so people of all tastes can find a great dining experience at this restaurant.
The staff at Ruth’s Chris have all been expertly trained to make all the food exactly how the customer desires. Skills and knowledge that can only come from being in the business for over fifty years are passed down to add a special construction to the meals, which has made Ruth’s Chris stand out from competing steakhouses. There’s also a full bar that’s available to those that want to imbibe an eclectic selection of spirits and wines. The 3-course Seasonal  Classics menu change every few months, so nobody should miss chance to try out these rare dishes. Even if there’s nothing on the seasonal menu that someone of a particular inclination could enjoy, Ruth’s Chris has a full menu of seafood and steak entrées that are available year-round. Ruth’s Chris has always done its best to provide diners with upscale meals in an environment that’s refined and relaxed–and now, with the introduction of the 3-Course Seasonal  Classics menu, diners have a whole new reason to take their family, friends, and colleagues to Ruth’s Chris.
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