Review : Nolita & Little Italy’s Secrets Food And Culture Walking Tour

Nolita & Little Italy’s Secrets Food And Culture Walking Tour
A huge part of properly relishing a holiday or trip with family in a new environment is sampling different food recipes in that location. Every dish is distinct to a particular culture and ethnicity, however, we are able to enjoy these dishes whenever we are in a specific location. At Nolita & Little Italy’s Secrets Food Tour, give tourists and visitors of all ethnic groups the opportunity of partaking in the culture of Little Italy in New York City.

In this food tour, we stopped at 5 restaurants with popular dishes that would have my taste buds thanking me.

Emporio Ristorante
Our first stop would be at Emporio Ristorante, a restaurant located at 231 Mott St, New York, NY . The scenery is cozy and homely, very comfortable for kids and a group of friends. This restaurant is popular for its different varieties of pizza, especially the Proscuitto & arugula brick-oven pizza.

This weeknight-friendly recipe takes only 10minutes to get ready, after chopping up all the ingredients. The fusion of salty prosciutto and peppery arugula is a perfect blend they would keep you coming back for more.

Our second stop is Tartinery, an amazing restaurant located at 209 Mulberry Street New York, NY 1002, known for its healthy and delicious food and modern classic settings. One of the most popular dishes relished by a number of tourists is the Roast Beef on Sourdough with pecorino, arugula, and Truffle Mayo.

With simple cuisines like an artisan bread with a variety of toppings and an exquisite collection of wine, Tartinery is classy and homey which is just the right fit for a couple on vacation.

Oficina Latina
The third stop on our food tasting adventure is the Oficina Latina. A beautiful and chic cocktail bar with wine recipes ranging from Mexico to Argentina. This lovely, cozy bar is located at 24 Prince St., New York, NY,10012, USA. They offer different food items in the bar, alongside their wine recipes. One of which is the braised short rib arepa.

Its tenderness and the bursting flavor experienced is the reason this dish is so popular. It is flavorful and simply a work of art. We would also make a stop at a fun place called the Little Cupcake Shop.

Have your taste buds titillated by the sweet taste of the tried Brooklyn Blackout Mini Cupcake. A special and favorite of many who have had the opportunity to visit this bountiful spot.

As we’re approaching the end of this food tour, it is impossible to conclude without stopping at Tacombi. This exotic restaurant is well known for serving some of the best Mexican tacos, fresh pastries, Mexican juices, and their famous coffee from Veracruz, and located at 23 West 33rd Street New York, NY 10118.We would be sampling a favorite dish of theirs ion; Corn Esquites

Grilled corn straight from the cob, con cotija cheese, homemade Morita mayo and chili pequin are incorporated in this dish. This is one of the delicacies that keeps the clientele base at Tacombi increasing as time evolves.


Stick With Me
After a long day of exploring exciting and intriguing spots, we will retire at Stick With Me Sweets, a chocolate shop located at 202A Mott St., New York, NY 10012. Specifically known for their handmade collection of chocolates and sophisticated fillings, we would be trying out a favorite. The Vanilla infused Salted Caramel Chocolate.

This special dessert is tasty and filling. If you’re a chocolate lover then this will definitely be the highlight of your trip. Vanilla infused chocolate is a classic and never gets old.

Come have fun while exploring eye-opening spots in Little Italy New York.

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