March 5, 2018

Lunch at Bulla Gastrobar Atlanta


Last week, a friend and I decided to go check out a new restaurant that just opened a few months ago. We have heard a lot about the place and how nice it was. So we decided to go see for ourselves. After all, seeing is believing, plus my adventurous spirit was already getting bored of eating at the same restaurant all the time. Don’t get me wrong, but you can’t fault the inners me that’s always searching for something new, especially food sigh! Hmmm, I live food.

Anyway, so we decided to go have lunch at Bulla Gastrobar here in Atlanta. The sounds sophisticated. It is usually opened for lunch Mondays through Friday, dinner is every night and for brunch every Saturday and Sunday. I think this place will be seeing more of me after this lunch. Hahaha!
So on getting there ( I have to say and this is totally the truth, I fell in love with the place), it was so welcoming, the atmosphere was just so relaxing ( now I know why I never wanted to leave). We had already called in to reserve a table for two and the moment we arrived, we were taking to our seats and it was so comfortable and my friend couldn’t stop making fun of me.

The tables were arranged in a neat fashion with the plates and cutleries arranged beautifully across and the menu lying on too the table as well, it was really beautiful. I opened the menu to have a peek at what was awaiting me and it was filled with lots food in three courses and they sound Spanish. Of course, they have to sound Spanish, it is Spanish restaurant after all but this time with a flare.

Sangria Blanca
Sangria Blanca

It was time to order and to kick it off was the drink. I ordered the Bullfighter and ooh! It was feisty. The was made with Bulleit bourbon, Aperol, dow’s port, lemon juice and cranberry. The was heavenly and sweet and the lemon juice added a zing to the drink, it was really good. My friend ordered their Sangria Blanca ( white sangria) and from the look on her face, I know words can’t explain how good the taste was.





Ham Croquettes

Our appetizer arrived. We had ordered Albondigas. Albondigas are meatballs made with veal and pork meat, manchego and tomato Frito and it was served with Ham Croquettes and these were made with Serrano ham and fig jelly. The aroma was so inviting our mouths were watering before the food got to the table and it was looking beautiful. I had to take a picture lol! And the taste of my first bite brought a big smile to my face because the food tasted even better and my friend’s eye was closed which she later told me it was because she wants to savor the taste. It was really delicious and with every bite came an assurance that the rest of the lunch was going to be spectacular.


Arroz Caldoso

Once we were through with the appetizer, our main course consist of a salmon I had ordered and the Arroz Caldoso for my friend. The Salmon was cooked beautifully with baby spinach, chickpeas, and lemon cream and although it didn’t come with a sauce, the taste was magnificent and I enjoyed it so much. The Arroz Caldoso my friend ordered was a Valencia-style rice with shrimps, chicken, calamari, red sofrito, and saffron. It looks and smelled so good I was tempted to switch our plates.

I still tasted though as I couldn’t resist the urge not to and it was so delicious which was not a surprise considering our culinary journey in this restaurant has been amazing so far. After tasting that dish,  I found out that it originated from Spain, which is no surprise and the name means ‘brothy rice’ and is made with a bouillon broth and rice with so many flavors and ingredients.

My experience at the Bulla GastroBar was an unforgettable one. It really a memorable one and I am definitely going to recommend it,  to my family and friends, since they also happen to have the section for private large gatherings.

Bulla Gastrobar Atlanta

60 11th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

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