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February 9, 2018

Caribana Bliss

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They are a few pop-ups who stay true to the game, retaining the true essence of a pop-up restaurant and still manage to serve mind-blowing cuisines. The Caribana Bliss is one of those pop-up restaurants which has expertise in serving the best and unique dishes from around the Caribbean islands. They still manage to keep the risqué feeling associated with pop-ups by only revealing their location 24 hours before, and what is even more amazing is the fact that you get to receive 5 – 8-course meals or the price of one. Astonishing!

The Caribana Bliss is a unique pop up restaurant that captivates you with its fresh take on Caribbean food. It was first established by David, Jorge and Will who are the co-founders of Caribana Bliss. The idea behind the pop up was to offer Caribbean foods that not only were tasty, but also reflected the culture and origins of the Caribbean Islands. The goal that they had in mind was to bring a unique and breathtaking experience that you will enjoy once in a lifetime to enjoy the most popular dishes from the Caribbean Islands without taking a flight to get there. Simply put, delicious foods that are sprinkled with a true taste of the Caribbean straight to your mouth uncovering the taste of coconut rice, fried plantain with the mental images of a turquoise beach sipping coconut water straight from its origin!




Their menu is mind-blowing as they send your taste buds on an exploration to the Caribbean islands; Mofongo, their Puerto Rican dish with fried plantain as its main ingredient is sure to leave you amazed. The plantains are picked green and fried then mashed with salt, garlic, and oil. This dish contains chicken too.




roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish

From the Curacao island, Ayaka is served; this is a carne stuffed masa (cornmeal) wrapped in a plantain leaf. You also get to experience the roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish, a St Vincent and the Grenadines cuisine. The slices of roasted breadfruit are served with a fried jackfish in a garlic thyme sauce. A very different mix of flavors that compliment each other very well.

saheena chicken with spicy mango chutney



saheena chicken with spicy mango chutney



shrimp chayote gratin

Still on the menu is the saheena chicken with spicy mango chutney- spinach and split-pea fritters with chicken and a spicy mango chutney, this is the Trinidad and Tobago experience and the Guadeloupe special is the shrimp chayote gratin- shrimp and chayote in lush and creamy cheese sauce.
Their desserts are to die for; Caribbean truffle pie, lemon and lime custard with white chocolate mousse, brown butter streusel and coconut sorbet and the coquito Puerto Rican coconut milk rum. The ingredients to make it are one 12 ounces can evaporate milk, one 14 ounces can condensed milk, egg yolks, fresh coconut milk or o Ceylon cinnamon, Puerto Rican white rum, and ground cinnamon.


The Carabana bliss is re-inventing pop-up restaurant whilst staying true to the game.

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