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February 1, 2018

Six Best Restaurants for Valentines day in Atlanta

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It is that time of the year to show our family and loved ones how much we care about them, another perfect excuse to pamper them to our satisfaction. Frankly, getting a gift idea for your significant other might just prove a tad difficult especially in some circumstances you were unprepared for it. So if you are in Atlanta, there is absolutely no need to bother your head when you can easily get into one of those lush and trendy restaurants for the treat of a lifetime.

In no particular order, here are the top six restaurants you can go to for your valentine dates if you find yourself in Atlanta or you are living in Atlanta.

Anis Bistro & Cafe (French)

Sometimes you just want to change the norm and experience the feel of new things. There is no better time to try out a French cuisine than now! This sweet looking bistro offers the very best French foods you can easily get in town! It has an outdoor patio and you can sit at dinner while you enjoy some soft jazz music, what more does your Valentine need?

STK (Steaks and Seafood) 

Perhaps you want to go for a more casual night out with your loved one, just look no further; this is one of the best places you can go to for Steak or Seafood (or a superb combination of both). STK efficiently offers the modern and chic steakhouse experience. With services as impeccable as they come, it is no wonder that they made this list!

Campagnolo (Italian)  

Absolutely nothing beats the taste a well made Italian food. Cozy spot with cozy Italian food, this is one option for you this Valentine. The menu and great cooking and its totally comforting ambiance would have you wishing every day was a valentine.

TWO Urban Licks (American) 

With amazing music to set the mood, this restaurant is everything you ever wanted for valentine. With its amazing city views, you should be booking a spot right now! (on the blog

Agave (Southwestern)

With margaritas to die for, this restaurant had nowhere else to go but this list! Looking at doing the unusual? This restaurant offers an amazing variety of southwestern dishes that would sure leave your appetite and you more than satisfied.  (on the blog

Le Fat (Asian/Vietnamese) 

We literally saved the best for the last. Asian foods are not only known as pleasing to the eyes, they offer sweet sensations in the mouth too! Try out Asian or Vietnamese foods this valentine in the company of your loved ones by taking a trip to Le Fat!

These are just a few of the hundred restaurants littered all over Atlanta, treat yourself and your loved ones to mouth-watering dishes this love season by booking the best of the best. Do you want to know the best part? By using the DiningOut Atlanta Passbook, you can use code ASKME18 to get buy one get one Entree! So what are you waiting for?


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