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January 31, 2018

The Big Apple Circus Celebrates 40 Years of Entertainment

The Big Apple Circus is celebrating its 40th year of entertainment and in Atlanta at the Verizon Amphitheater from January 26, 2018 to February 25, 2018. The Big Apple circus was founded in March 1977 and became a non-profit organisation serving as a tourist attraction.

Ty McFarland, its ringmaster enthusiastically notes that “I absolutely get caught up in the moment because the circus is for everyone and despite the fact that I may have performed over 3000 shows, I still am in awe with what the human mind has allowed for some performers to aspire to.”

This 40th year anniversary promises to be an amazing night of thrills and laughs and is guaranteed  to fill you and your loved ones with memories to last a lifetime. It features a thrilling cast with many of the world’s greatest circus acts.

This year’s Big Apple Circus celebration proudly features Nik Wallenda, the 10-time World Record Holder, popularly known as “The King of The High Wire” and the “Greatest Daredevil of Our Generation.” Nik and the Fabulous Wallendas crew will engage and mesmerised you and your loved ones with amazing and daring feats.

Ty, the Ringmaster explains that his first motivation is usually to try to disarm the audience and to put them at a place of relaxation as well as get them ready for an awesome show. He draws them in to allow for them to feel and experience what it is that the performers feel.

For about as much time as it would take for you to watch a movie, you could be enjoying the most mesmerizing performances. The Circus has an intimate setting, with seats close to the performance and no seat more than fifty feet away from the ring, you are sure to have a wonderful experience. You would not want to miss anything.

The Big Apple Circus is suitable for various generations of guests from the young to the old from all walks of life.


The Circus show has a new theme every year created by some of New York’s most creative directors and designers. This year’s 40th Anniversary show includes Nik Wallenda and the Fabulous Wallendas as well as Ammed Tuniziani of the Flying Tuniziani’s attempting the two most daring aerial feats in the same show.

These never seen in circus history acts include the Wallendas seven-man pyramid on the wire high above the ring and Tuniziani attempting the elusive quadruple somersault to the hands of his catcher on the flying trapeze.


The Circus will go on to National Harbor in Washington DC from March 8, 2018 to April 1, 2018.




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